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Dive in our past history here and get ready for what's next!



22/02/2022: - A new era has just begun!


A new website in currently under construction in the NakarmaZian laboratory...

First arrived, first served. 

More info, news and rewards will be updated inside this article on a daily to weekly basis til launching day.



He! He!

For now make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get ready

to jump in the expanding NakarmaZ universe... or should we say NuZiverse! 



"What for?" should you say right?naughty you!

cheering up NakarmaZians

Because NakarmaZ has always been about merging efforts and mutual support.

cheering up NakarmaZians

It's just payback time for real! FACTS: Legit 100%





- Reward of 100 NuZ tokens if you do follow us on Twitter!

- Extra bonus of 100 NuZ tokens for those who will follow us on our FB page!




Til when?"naughty you again!and what does "NuZ tokens" mean?bloody me

cheesy meNo deadlines required at the moment. 

And to put it simply, NuZ tokens are our utilitary token that will empower our new platform...

called "The NuZiverse".Tadam!




To be legit!At NakarmaZ , we value support that is trustworthy and qualitative!

No quick moves to make quick gains on a hype!Beware!

ZeN attitudeWe've been here for years and have no plans to leave! ZeN attitude

No BS! No rug-pull! Become a NZ hero too!

Yeah! If it's not 100% legit, it simply can't be made in NakarmaZ.  Yeah!





 Will have to say Bye! "farewell" to this museum website (going off 60 days) and welcome the new (Roadmap will be available to the ones looking for it).

When? Slow mo! Slow moves! Patience required, we move slowly but steadily! Fighto!


Hey! We also love riddles and adventures so if you've reached that far in the article and made your move..

.. consider yourself part of the NZ Fam and get ready for WL.. 

.. or should we just say "Colorful Listing"!Ho Ho Ho

With powerful NFT collections and smart "utilities", we believe to make a big difference in the game! Oh yes!