Mind Snapper Dragon

A magnificent ONE SHOT made by the most popular artists at the moment in Thailand, mentors of a new generation of artists!

MSD Cover
Synopsis : Follow the amazing life of Mungkorn (alias Dragon),a Thai junior student in high-school who is a bit special... because having high-ability in psychology, he finds great pleasure in analyzing his surroundings' behaviours and lies for the sole purpose of his own entertainment!


Key-points : This work has received the privilege to be published in C-Kids (Thai pre-publishing Magazine), next to the Japanese series of the publisher, like One piece, Beelzebub, Reborn, Gintama...

MSD published in C-Kids Magazine

Licence Originally published by CartoonThai Studio (Siam Inter Comics)

read from the left to the right, and top to bottomread from the left to the right, and top to bottomread from the left to the right, and top to bottom

Look out! Original Thai way of reading.
Read from the left to the right and the top to the bottom.

Mind Snapper Dragon - Interview with the authors

NakarmaZ is glad to transcribe the interview held on the 29th of November 2012 with the authors of Mind Snapper Dragon, Mr. Aruntiwa and Mr. Montri, as well as with the respective editors in chief of NakarmaZ and Cartoon Thai Studio !

Montri and Aruntiwa

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