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The word NakarmaZ is born from the plurality (represented by the "Z") of "nakama" (仲間 = a japanese word which means : friend, travelling compagnion, associate...) who decided, by fusioning their "karma", to create this entity named NAKARMAZ.

Born from a transnational project living cultures merging with passion and conviction, NakarmaZ is stemmed from a growing partnership between :

  • artists (illustrators, scenarists, portraitists,...)
  • linguists (translators, editors, journalists,...)
  • cultural and economic players (libraries, publishers, sellers, printers,...)

Our objective? We want to gather our destinies around an international broadcasting and distribution of our activities, through the world of Art, and especially that of the comics. Whether it is manga style, U.S comics style or European style, we are open to all styles, our editorial policy being based on the principle of the "crush", we want to promote diversity.
In order to achieve this goal, our activities will be translated in a growing number of foreign languages for an edition and distribution of multilingual publications, to be broadcasted as simultaneously as possible.
We are currently implementing an externalized “Guilds”-based translation organization system, to pass in the legal field, those wishing to participate in the development of our publications.

We combine our skills and those from new members to provide mediums and products of quality, with the highest respect for the works and their creators.

The world is constantly evolving, and with the Internet, information flows faster and faster. Most of the time, the wish to live the international culture in real time imposes to look after and find by ourselves the way to slake one's thirst; for lack of necessity to wait in vain for recognition. As fans and professionals wishing to help support the living of the works as well as their authors; then the access shall be :
- fast and for unlimited duration,
- adapted to the actual reading mediums and the ones to come,
- and for a fair price... So let's get to the next step and propose a cultural sharing space for all in real time. That is the reason why NakarmaZ is born.

Today, we are finally capable to propose our publishing model. The NakarmaZ team has encountered many obstacles and difficulties in launching this website. One by one, we have been able to overpass them, and be where we are now. We have been struggling to maintain our structure alive and we hope that you will answer our call.

We want to promote fair publishing, a simple cultural access through new digital technologies while preserving the tradition of the printed paper book. Right now, it's up to you to choose, keeping in mind that without you, readers, we are nothing. You won't see any advertisement on the website because we rely on a model that is free and payable at the same time. If you want to participate in our model, simply register, share with us your comments, read and follow our adventures. And of course, by buying one or more of our products, we will be able to publish more authors, and more works. At NakarmaZ we rely on your opinion, your view of the world which we hope is close to what we propose.